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About AI Mediamakers

We bring together a community to learn, network and share insights on AI media, tech, and tools, so that we can stay ahead of industry trends, collaborate on groundbreaking ideas, and elevate our own creative and business endeavors. We utilize e-learning lessons, course, and projects to practice and grow our skills. We help you create more books, videos, podcasts, courses, websites, apps, and services, utilizing the power of AI.

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The AI Toolbox Bootcamp 2.0 training courses and projects help you gain a solid foundation. New videos added weekly! Learn how to use cutting edge tools and services in your current workflows. Our community, courses, and memberships are focused on the ways AI will make a huge difference in your life.

We have intermediate and advanced AI courses on our editorial calendar. Each month we focus on a specific area of AI mediamaking, with weekly lessons, events, and activities.

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When you join AI Mediamakers today, you’ll get access to our:

  • Online Courses and Live Interactive Webinars: Attending live webinars allows members to listen to industry leaders and experts discussing recent trends, the future outlook of AI in media-making, and exchanging bold new ideas. Participating in webinars and Q&A sessions fosters knowledge expansion and the ability to gain insights directly from the field’s pioneers.
  • Collaborative Content Creation Projects: These are collaborative initiatives that allow members to team up and work on real-life projects, utilizing the community's collective knowledge and skills in AI and media. This activity provides a practical understanding of how AI can improve their creative process, yields networking opportunities, and potentially produces innovative solutions to be commercialized.
  • AI Innovation Workshops: This is a regular hands-on event where the members will have an opportunity to learn about the latest developments, techniques and tools in Artificial Intelligence as applied to media and content creation. The experts in AI and machine learning guide the participants. This is beneficial as it allows members to stay updated on emerging trends and apply them in their work to stay competitive.